Finn's Kitchen Carbonara Simmer Sauce

Carbonara Simmer Sauce

Craving for a restaurant-quality carbonara but short on time? Carbonara Simmer Sauce from Finn's Kitchen is your creamy pasta sauce that tastes great, made with authentic ingredients, ready to transform your pasta into a creamy, cheesy masterpiece in minutes. Perfect for chicken, guanciale, sauteed mushrooms, shallots, or prawns - making dinners a whole lot more delicious.
Diane Sauce with Buttery Leek

Diane Sauce with Buttery Leek

This Diane Sauce by Boutique Sauces is fast becoming a customer favourite, made from premium white wine, the Diane Sauce is best described as heavenly. A rich, robust creamy sauce with sautéed buttery leeks, beautiful chunky garlic & a velvety finish of Worcestershire reduction. A mouth-watering sauce. So, addictive...... The Diane Sauce with buttery leek tastes amazing on a high-quality...
Dulce de Leche Salted Caramel by Myanbah Farm made in the hunter valley, NSW Australia

Dulce de Leche Salted Caramel

Thick and rich caramel paste can be eaten straight from the jar, used to accompany desserts or as a filling for caramel tarts and choc cups. For something different use as a dip for churros. Winner of Gold Medal at Hobart Fine Food Awards
Honey Mango BBQ By Finn's Kitchen

Honey Mango BBQ

Savor the sweet and tangy perfection of our Honey Mango Barbecue Sauce. Immerse your taste buds in a tropical symphony of honey-kissed mango goodness, enhancing grilled delights with a burst of irresistible flavour. Elevate your barbecue experience with this delectable, mouthwatering sauce – a true feast for your senses.
Orange Star Anise Sauce

Orange Star Anise Sauce

This is an unusual, yet stunningly appealing dense orange sauce, that awakens the tastebuds. Get ready for the tantalising sharp taste of orange, in a sweet infusion of star anise and cinnamon quills.
Sour Whiskey BBQ By Finn's Kitchen

Sour Whiskey BBQ

Unleash the bold and robust flavour of our Sour Whiskey Barbecue Sauce. Infused with the rich essence of aged whiskey and a tangy twist, this sauce transforms your grilling experience into a tantalizing journey. Elevate your barbecue game with a sauce that adds a perfect balance of smoky, sour, and savory notes to every bite. Ignite the grill and savour...
Stroganoff Simmer Sauce by Finn's Kitchen

Stroganoff Simmer Sauce

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Enjoy a quick and delicious weeknight meal with Finn's Kitchen Stroganoff! This family-favorite sauce is bursting with flavor and takes minutes to prepare. Simply stir-fry beef strips, add a dollop of sour cream, and toss with your favorite pasta or rice pilaf for a satisfying dinner everyone will love.
Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce by Finn's Kitchen

Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce

An aromatic mild coconut curry sauce. Characterised by strong flavours of lemongrass and lime.  Sauté chicken and stir through coconut milk.

Thai Mango & Kaffir Lime Dressing

Spicy and tangy our Thai Mango dressing is perfect on summer salads. Splash over Char Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Salad. For something different use as a marinade on squid before cooking them on the BBQ or use as a dipping sauce for prawns.
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Three Pack Simmer Sauce Saver – Your Choice

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Transform your pantry into a gourmet delight with Finn's Kitchen Just Simmer Sauces Range, the quick and easy way to enjoy great food every night.
Tomato & Basil Sugo Pasta Sauce by Finn's Kitchen

Tomato & Basil Sugo Simmer Sauce

Full flavoured authentic and packed with tomatoes.  This versatile sauce can be used as is or as a base for any hot or cold Italian cuisine.
Worcestershire Sauce By Finn's Kitchen

Worcestershire Sauce

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The original steak sauce. All budding home chefs have a go to Worcester for marinades, dressings and sauces. Finn's Kitchen Worcester is gluten and allergen free with no colours or preseratives with a classic clove and chilli punch.