Hot Chilli Honey Balistic Bee Sting By The Chilli Factory

Hot Chilli Honey Sauce – Ballistic Bee Sting

Spicy and sweet, this hot chilli honey from The Chilli Factory is the perfect mix of beautiful Australian Yellowbox Honey and Super-Hot Chillies. They've been working hard to find the ideal blend of heat and honey sweetness, the Ballistic Bee Sting gives you all the rich deliciousness of honey and backs it up with a fruity chilli punch. It's a...
passionfruit butter by myanbah farm of hunter valley

Passionfruit Butter

Smooth and rich in texture, our Passionfruit Butter is a versatile companion to elevate your culinary creations. Spread it generously on warm scones, swirl it into yoghurt, or use it as a delightful filling for pastries and cakes.