Brix Distillers

100% Australian made, crafted from premium Australian molasses & lovingly distilled and aged in Sydney.

Brix Distillers was born out of a love for rum. This love gradually blossomed into a passion for discovery, experimentation, appreciation, and adventure. The founders discovered a misrepresentation of rum within Australia, inspiring them to embark on a journey of change.

Founded in 2017 by three rum enthusiasts, Brix Distillers aims to elevate the perception of rum in Australia. They believe rum deserves a brighter future, moving beyond its "dark history" and being appreciated for its complexities. Their mission is to educate a new generation about the qualities and subtleties of this spirit.

Brix Distillers achieves this goal by crafting small-batch rums using only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients and avoiding artificial flavors and colors. They pride themselves on their unique and well-rounded rum expressions, hoping to redefine Australian rum for the discerning palette.

Brix Distillers - Hunter Valley Market
Brix Cinnamon Syrup

Brix Cinnamon Syrup

Made from cinnamon used to infuse the Brix Spiced Rum. Perfect for cocktails, coffee, hot chocolate & desserts. Try it as the sweetener for a spicy old fashioned cocktail, or add...
Brix Coffee & Vanilla Bean Syrup

Brix Coffee & Vanilla Bean Syrup

Made from the vanilla beans used to infuse our Brix Spiced & then infused with perfectly roasted coffee beans. Perfect for cocktails (especially Espresso Martini's!), coffee, hot chocolates, cakes or...
Brix Rum Manhattan - 200ml

Brix Rum Manhattan – 200ml

Now sip on one of our brand new signature cocktails in the comfort of your home. A rich blend of Brix Gold, sweet vermouth & a splash of orange bitters....

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